This page is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away on December 27, 2004

Sometimes, there are stories & memories written with the hands… Others, with the heart. And some, like this one, with tears...even words can ever express...

GoodBye GrandMa
My dearest Grandma, I will never forget
you & sorry that I was not there with
you when you passed.

Grandma...I can't believe The last kiss,
The last "goodbye" was yesterday...
Your death was a shock,
I know that you are gone for now
I really just do not believe how.
I called you all that week
You told me that you were not weak.

I called you before you died just
before an hours and you are okay my dear!!
I came to you and held your hand.
I saw your angel face like an angle
sleep in the bed, the kiss Good bye
was so hard for me...

You passed away my dear, my best friend,
and after this kiss There is a grief & void
in my heart now....

You hold a special place right here in my
heart & that will never change. You were
the best grandma in the world & to me
you still are. I miss & love you dearly.

I miss your voice & miss your smile,
I miss your warm embrace.

Grandma...I can't believe you're gone. I still
wait for your call as every day, your
telephone ring with warm sound...

I am thankful for our wonderful memories
we have together, Thank you for all the
things, your pure heart, kindness and
love, while I was growing up...

I miss the gently smile on your face
I miss the softly warm inviting heart
I miss the family love Gathering house
When I look back on these years
I wish there were a key I could find
I wish there were a sky I could fly
To the past back to those days
Without you now there is no place
for me in your home, without you
I can't stay alone, you're the only
one was so dear to me..

My grandmother was my life, after my
grandmother passed away, And the
realization brings tears to my eyes,
More heartache than I have ever felt before.
Though it seems impossible right
now, I must remember that all she ever
wanted was for me to be happy. How
fortunate I was to have had my
grandmother for so many years.

She was a very good grandma.

She will be remembered for her
kindness, generosity, and selfless
devotion to us.
I shall cherish our memories!
I love you Grandma! I'll never
ever stop praying for you..

I will always be missing you,
Hope to see you soon in my dreams.
And hopefully one day in heaven
but until then, you will always be
in my heart. In my heart I hold you inside.

Wonderful memories you left with me,
smiling face I can see. We all love you dearly

Bye bye grandma, you are the most
wonderful lady purely and truly.

With love
your granddaughter
Mariam~ December 2004

Dearest Grandma.. 

Today & yesterday they are back..
safe arrival back home, 
your sons & daughters
with their kids around
but you're not there..
first time you're not there
As I knew you, you wait for this
visit as every year
you wait for them

I don't know how

I can't imagine your cozy home
without you my dear

You're not there with them
but I'll never ever forget you

 you're not there but you're
here in my mind and heart

I will always be missing you
Rest in peace dear Grandma

Mariam ~ June 27, 2005~



~I'll never forget your gentle words,
 your blue eyes and your angle face your serenity & your warm hugs~




Thanks to everyone who called me, sent me SMS, emails & stopped by my side in those hard days..
Thank you all my dear friends...Let's pray...

This E-mail below from my dearest uncle "He is my Dad's Old brother" who don't live in the same country...

he know how much I love you my dear grandma, we all pray for you grandma, we all love you my dear..

And this is from my dear Friend Carole,
Thank you Carole, your poem touched my heart..

Mariam,  please let me extend my deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved grandmother.  I would like to share with you the following poem I wrote after my husbands death last year, maybe it will bring you comfort too. 
Your friend,
Carole Mathys


From Carole Mathys Thu Dec 30 21:47:08 2004

 ~ I Heard the Angel Say ~
 I thought I saw your face today
in the sparkle of the morning sun
And then I heard the angel say
"their work on earth is done"
I thought I heard your voice today
then laugh your sweet laugh
And then I heard the angel say
"there's peace dear one at last"
I thought I felt your touch today
in the breeze that rustled by
And then I heard the angel say
"the spirit never dies"
I thought I saw my broken heart
in the crescent of the moon
And then I heard the angel say
"the Lord is coming soon"
I thought that you had left me
for the stars so far above
And then I heard the angel say
"they left you with their love"
I thought that I would miss you so
and never find my way
And then I heard the angel say
"they're with you everyday"
"The sun, the wind, the moon, the stars,
will forever be around
reminding you of the love you shared
and the peace they've finally found"
 (C) Carole Mathys



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