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Dive through the waves.. Make a splashing sound! A fresh thoughts and cool breeze!

Hi & welcome! My personal website Oceans Of Life is your gate to the world of Oceans Of Life, where you can find more beaches for Poetry, inspiration, Quotes & free ocean graphics.

Hope you enjoyable stay here, If you like to swim keep swimming swim at my website,,
if you don't like to swim grab a cup of cafe, relax and refresh yourself with inspirational quotations. 

Each Day' brings a new style and inspirational Hope, Commitment, Peace, Love.

For Oceans Marine life and undersea world Lovers Oceanography, Exploration
sections, free ocean graphics find more

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Whisper A Kind Words Kind words are such a blessing & A freely given smile is seed well planted It's steps to meet the bright new dawn! If you are happy share with others..
Keys for Joyful Living!

Smile ~ Joy can be yours! Look for it,  pursue it and enjoy it!

I wish you all happy life underwater and on earth too..Always your friend Mariam ~Ocean Girl~

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